5 areas of focus for healthy leadership teams

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a healthy tree

There are five areas of life that everybody needs to prioritize in order to have healthy leadership.

You judge the health of a tree not by how tall it is, but on how healthy it is. If all of us want to stand tall as “trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.” (Is. 61:3) That’s exactly what God has for us.  God is looking for healthy leadership to lead his bride, and that starts with healthy individuals. Nobody wants their friends to look at them and say, “I see you as a shriveled plant in the spirit, a tired tree that has fallen over.” Far from it! 

We all need practical ways to see that we are thriving, so here are five areas you and your team can take a look at:

1. Your Spiritual Life

 Every leader must be connected to the Source. This is the single most important need you have. In all your good efforts to serve the King and build the kingdom, have you stayed connected to your First Love? The Holy Spirit is living water. Nothing shrivels a plant as quickly and surely as a drought. Be sure to have a consistent prayer life,  take time to honor and worship the Lord, and make room for learning and study of the scriptures.

2.  Your Home Life

Every leader’s strength emerges from their home. Maintaining an atmosphere of love, joy and respect in your relationship with your spouse, children, other family members or roomates is a great way to thrive in ministry. Cultivate your relationships with your close friends. Prioritizing these relationships not only makes you a godly example for those you lead, but fulfills vital needs for love and connection in your heart.

3. Your Lifestyle

Every leader must cultivate a multi-faceted life. This means taking care of your physical and emotional health. Don’t make the mistake of thinking life in the Spirit means your soul and body do not matter. In order to press on with the endurance we need (Hebrews 10:36) we must be healthy. Consider balancing your recreational time between hobbies, creativity, and fulfilling Sabbaths.

4.  Your Alignment

Every healthy leader must align with their design. You must know yourself. Who are you in Christ? Who is he in you? You were created with a unique personality and gift mix. Understanding this is a key to unlocking your calling. Once you know yourself you can begin to balance passions, delight and duty. You can synchronize ministry vision and life vision. (For more information on aligning with your design and passions check out DestinyFinder.com

5.  Your Mentors

Every leader needs healthy leadership. Filling your life with fathers and mothers is a great way to stay healthy and thrive. Find yourself an accountability partner. Accountability doesn’t just mean someone to be the sin police in your life, although being accountable to live with integrity is vital. A healthy accountability relationship will provide you with a safe place and remind you who you are and what you are capable of. This is often the push you need in a difficult time. Without accountability great men and women can wear out, give up, or even fall. Keep healthy with a few key mentors in your life.

Where do you need to focus? What is a baby step you could take? Remember these five areas and make a small change every day.

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