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Building the Church From the Inside-Out

CHURCH LEADERS WHO BUILD FROM THE INSIDE-OUT John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard Movement, is crediting with influencing many streams of the Body ofRead more

How to Lead Leaders

COACHING CHURCH LEADERS TO LEAD LEADERS The average church size in America is around 60 people. Have you ever stopped to wonder why? A pastor canRead more

Teaching Transformation

DEVELOPING CHURCH HEALTH THROUGH THE TEACHING GIFT From the books of Moses through the Psalms, the life of Jesus and the epistles, it is clearRead more

Get Buy-In With Experiments

Often when I launch a new ministry I use the word “experiment” in the name. The last class I taught as a pastor was called, “The Discipleship Experiment.”Read more

Powerful Servant Leaders

Leadership: What Is It?

WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE TO BE A CHURCH LEADER? Leadership is All About People Movement Sometimes they may leave them geographically, directing them fromRead more

lady working on church website

Five Things Your Church Website Needs

Church websites are after all these years, finally getting better.  But I wonder are you making the most of this resource? If you are likeRead more

Is Your Church an Aircraft Carrier or a Car Wash?

Change Your Church Culture With Prototypes

The hundreds of small decisions and programs determine your church culture. I’ve learned a few tips on how to slowly move the ship in theRead more