Destiny Finder

Mobilizing People for Their Calling

What if every member of your church discovered their gift mix, and God’s dreams for their lives? What if this could solve your volunteer problem? What if this could happen in a matter of weeks, not years? It can.

The number one reason people don’t serve is because they don’t want to. We typically don’t do things we don’t want to do. The same principle applies to volunteering. Most pastors need volunteers to fulfill the church’s vision. They know their people need motivation but mistakenly use guilt, shame, and manipulation. This brings short term gain but over time you know this doesn’t work. There’s a better way.

God designed different people to play different parts in the body. He also designed them to enjoy acting in their roles more than any other. When your people discover their gift mix and God’s dreams for them, a natural desire to serve awakens within them. When they serve using His gifts, they experience delight. That delight becomes a motivation to keep on serving in the future. When you live the life God created you to live it’s actually a little addictive.

If you can help your people discover who they are, many will find they are created to serve God’s vision for your church in the areas you need most. We created the Destiny Finder book to help people with the process. You can buy one at, or get a FREE Ebook by entering your email on the Destiny Finder home page.

We invite you to take our FREE spiritual gift test at

Lastly, we encourage members of our network to do Destiny Finder workshops and/or the Destiny Finder Small Group. Our favorite part is the feedback we get from pastors about finding volunteers who are motivated by God’s calling.

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