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Vision and Mission

Pastor’s Coach is an organization that was formed to help leaders do a better job of leading. Church pastors, leaders and elders; mission organization leaders; ministry leaders…any kind of Christian leader.

Pastor’s Coach was formed with the express purpose of helping church and ministry leaders to thrive in their leadership journey and create and lead thriving communities.

Pastor’s Coach provides biblically-based and ministry-proven principles, tools and a framework to enable you to understand God’s plan for your ministry/community/organization, assess the challenges and grow and develop to transform and impact not only their organization but their region, in all the spheres of society.

See a detailed statement of our values and mission in the About Us section.

Michael Brodeur, CEO

The CEO and founder of Pastor’s Coach is Dr. Michael Brodeur, D. Div.. Michael spent 30 years ministering in San Francisco, beginning with street outreach as part of a church mission, then co-founding an evangelistic street ministry that has brought hundreds of people to faith in Jesus over the years. In the 80s he and his wife Diane planted the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of San Francisco, which eventually grew to be the largest evangelical church that the City had seen in several decades.

The church flourished with evangelism, a healing center, arts ministries, home groups, an outreach to the neo-hippie kids of the Haight Ashbury, and more. At the core was Michael’s heart, his passion, his hunger, to see the Body of Christ functioning in the fullness of the ministry of Christ: apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral and teaching (Ephesians 4). At the center is leadership.

In the 90s, Michael developed a powerful and practical approach to destiny discovery and development that is delight-driven, and that became the basis for Destiny Finder, our companion website. Destiny Finder provides the tools and framework for individuals to discover and fulfill their God-given destiny – to impact the world using their gifts, according to their passion, as God directs. Pastor’s Coach is the extension of those principles, applied to the leaders and the organization.

Glen Reed, COO

The COO of Pastor’s Coach is Glen Reed, M. Div, M.S., B.S. Glen has served in various aspects of ministry since he got saved in 1971 at UC Davis. He has lead college ministries,  and served as associate pastor of two churches including the San Francisco Vineyard where he first met Michael in 1989. He received an M. Div. from Western Seminary in 1995. He led the Vineyard Advanced Leadership Training program at the SF Vineyard for several years, and was dean and one of the instructors at the A.I.M. ministry school that Michael and he founded in the mid 90s. In addition to managing Pastor’s Coach, he also manages Destiny Finder. He currently is involved with leading Destiny Finder small groups at Jesus Culture Church in Folsom where he lives.

We approach Pastor’s Coach primarily as a ministry of it’s own and out of a Kingdom mentality.

We understand that pastors all over the world have very different financial situations. We know that megachurches and church plants also have very different financial situations. Therefore we strive to make sure that price isn’t a limiting factor. In so doing we try to balance the tension between meeting people where they are at and paying our own bills. We have implemented a monthly subscription plan  that we believe gives everyone affordable options.

For personalized coaching we start by asking a church to share with us what they are able to pay and we create an affordable plan from there.

Coaching is the art of having conversations that nourish and motivate growth. We aren’t psychologists who work through your past.  We are people developers.  We push you to do today what it takes to become who you want to be in the future. As you grow, so will your ministry.

  • Coaching can be done by email, phone, Skype or in-person; with individuals or groups.
  • First, we help you discover the goals that God wants you to work on during this season.
  • Next, we’ll develop a plan that melds Biblical principles, the Spirit’s voice, your personality, and practical wisdom.
  • When you are ready we’ll put your plan into action.  There will be unforeseen obstacles.  At times you may even want to quit.  That’s when your coach will be the most helpful. Through hard work and in partnership you’ll achieve your goal.
  • A session lasts approximately 50 minutes but there is also preparation time before the session and processing time after the session.
  • Contact Glen Reed to arrange for coaching. Phone: 916-467-9934, email, skype: glenareed

As leaders we all have our limitations. When executives, CEOs, and performing artists want to be their best, they seek a coach. Pastors and leaders can benefit same way. An expert can help you overcome your personal challenges and achieve better results in many different areas.

We focus on all levels of church leadership, and even do conference calls with entire teams.

Some people only call us during a time of crisis, or to seek tips for growth. For best results we recommend having an ongoing relationship. Most of the leaders in our network will call every two weeks at first, then gradually reduce that over time.

Personal development requires an ongoing commitment. If you were learning to sing, or wanted to improve at baseball, you would need frequent training. The same is true for ministry.

We coach literally all over the world, from California to the Ukraine, from Canada to Brazil. We can coach via Skype, over the phone, or send a team member to you in person.

We have a team of seasoned pastors on call who are experienced at personal development. We match you with someone who is a good fit for your personality and who can help you with the challenges you are facing.

Mandatory Legal Disclaimer: We are not licensed by the state of California as healing arts practitioners in psychology or medicine, nor are we certified financial planners. What we do is change lives.

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