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Coaching brings out your best

Top athletes, CEOs and artists have coaches…You can too!

We have the best ministry coaches, all former pastors, who will help you take your church to the next level.

Timothy had Paul…Mark had Barnabas…Who do you have?

Personal Coaching by Phone or Skype – Details

First step: Contact us for a free 20 min consultation to assess your needs, decide on a coach, and propose a solution program (training, meetings, etc.).

For example, if your need was to create a healthy culture in your church, here’s a possible program:

  • Over two months, you would go through the Thriving Culture course of five video teachings and following application steps,
  • Your coach would meet with you every other week to help you as questions and problems come up,
  • You would need to join as a Max Member. You would have four meetings with your coach, total cost is Max Membership plus $600.
  • You can also access other resources on the website, and the group coaching calls and ask questions then as well.

Questions and Scheduling


  • Coaching pastors on all aspects of ministry
  • Personal destiny assessment and coaching
  • Facility and building project consulting
  • Personnel evaluations
  • Group assessments
  • Strategic planning facilitation
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Counseling referrals
  • Motivational preaching and teaching
  • Retreat speakers
  • and more.


  • Membership: If you are going to do more than 2 hours of coaching, you need to join as a Max Member.
  • Coaching by phone or Skype: $200/hour for personal coaching other than Michael Brodeur. Michael will coach individuals/churches/associations when available, fee schedule to be determined.
  • On Site Coaching: $1000/day for Michael, $800/day for other coaches, plus travel and expenses.
  • Free coaching by email: We can interact by email but that’s far less effective than real time interaction.
  • Contact us at 916-467-9934 or [email protected] to set up appointments. See below for details.

Meet our Coaches

Michael Brodeur, D. Div.
Michael is the founder and CEO of Pastor’s Coach and co-founder and CEO of Destiny Finder.

Michael was born in San Francisco, raised by counterculture parents, and became a hippie and spiritual seeker as a teenager. He was radically converted to Christ in the 70s while hitch-hiking and living among the Blackfeet Indians in Montana and soon began preaching the gospel on the streets in San Francisco. He was one of the founders of SOS Ministries, an evangelistic ministry that still sponsors outreaches in the Bay Area.

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Jeff Wittmer
Jeff’s coaching training includes courses in people development with over five years of class room participation, coach training in accredited courses endorsed by the International Coaching Federation and over 20 years of pastoral counseling & personal coaching. He is certified by Coach Training Alliance and the International Coach Federation

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Glen Reed
Glen is the COO of Pastor’s Coach and COO and co-founder of Destiny Finder.
Glen has been in ministry with Michael Brodeur since coming to his church in San Francisco in 1989. He completed an M. Div. at Western Seminary in 1995 and was an Associate Pastor at Michael’s church from then until he moved to Folsom in 2004.

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