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Healthy leaders, Thriving Churches

Our Vision

There are almost 500,000 churches in North America. The majority of these are suffering from undiagnosed challenges and hindrances that keep them from achieving their God-given aspirations. We exist to help leaders identify and remove these hindrances by providing practical, biblical solutions. We have helped to equip leaders to build healthy disciples and thriving congregations, and bring beneficial impact to their cities and regions.

Our mission is to empower leaders, churches, and organizations by providing in-depth assessments, expert coaching, and powerful resources to help leaders guide organizations and members into fruitfulness and fulfillment.

Our Distinctives

While there are many good organizations that consult and support churches around the world, there are a few key points that set us apart.

  1. We are deeply committed to the ongoing supernatural work of the Holy Spirit, and this is reflected in every aspect of our organization.
  2. We have a high value for the importance of “ministry culture” and we provide extensive training on how to generate culture and maximize its power within the organization.
  3. We are well versed in the understanding and practice of transformational strategies through societal influence and marketplace ministry.
  4. We affirm that healthy discipleship and leadership development are the primary strategies of Jesus to fulfill the Great Commission and to build a thriving local church.
  5. We adhere to the understanding that the full manifestation of God’s blessing in the Church will only occur as we recognize and restore a healthy expression of the five ministries of Jesus in His Church. (Eph. 4:11-16) was developed by Dr. Michael Brodeur, who served for over three decades as a senior pastor and ministry leader in the city of San Francisco and a ministry consultant to scores of churches around the world. In 2010, Michael turned over the leadership of his church to his associate pastor and relocated permanently to Redding CA, where he devotes himself to writing, teaching, and coaching leaders, churches and ministries.

The Assessments: Drawing on several decades of ministry experience, and the work in developing Destiny Finder, in 2012 Michael began to develop a 100-point comprehensive assessment tool that identified specific strengths and weaknesses within a church or organization. This assessment also measured the church’s ability to fulfil its mission by impacting the community at large. That assessment was the basis for what is now known as the Church Health Assessment and the Regional Impact Assessment

Additional assessments have been developed, including the Leadership Style Assessment and the Program Assessment, and several more are in development.

Coaching: We also offer online coaching session with one of our certified consultants who will lead pastors through the top three challenges that are hindering their success. Additional coaching and access to other resources, including the possibility of an on-site visit at their church, are all available for an additional cost.

Other Resources: We also provide an ever-increasing supply of video, podcast, and written resources that will equip and empower leaders to reach and enfold the lost, make disciple-makers, train leaders, and provide instruction in a comprehensive list of programs that will serve church members. We also provide pastoral training curriculum that will help emerging leaders prepare for the ministry.

Destiny FinderWe have a companion web-based system called Destiny Finder. We use in conjunction with Pastor’s Coach. Destiny Finder is a unique and powerful set of tools that helps individuals discover their spiritual gift-mix and identify their God-given dreams. It also provides unique growth tool to help people progress in their development. The complete Destiny Finder System is a phenomenal resource to help pastors motivate and mobilize members for ministry with amazing effectiveness and that will help those members fulfill their calling the the Lord.

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