Program Assessment Description

Quality Check!

The Program Assessment enables you to rate the quality of over 100 programs, small groups characteristics, administration functions and facilities. This assessment covers just about every type of programs, administrative functions and facilities that we could think of. It may prompt you to start some new programs and ministries!

In the results there are links to related videos, articles and other resourcesthat add further perspective and insight.

As with the other assessments, you can invite your staff and church members to take the assessment, and then you can compare the results. It is vital to get regular feedback so you are not operating solely out of your own perspective, and this assessment provides a way to get that feedback easily and quickly.

This assessment is only available to Max members. Learn more about the benefits of our Max membership here .


Questions and Support

Our team is available to help guide you and answer any questions you might have. Click here to contact us. 

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