The Framework

The most frequent feedback we hear from Pastors and Ministry leaders is that they need a clear plan and strategic vision for the future of their communities.

We also hear quite often how leaders tend to feel lonely in their personal challenges and struggles

Our framework was created to fill those two gaps. We want leaders to live a fulfilled and thriving ministry journey with clarity of Vision.

It is focused on three primary pillars :

  1. Find Support
  2. Follow a Plan
  3. Experience Breakthrough

On an on-going basis Pastor’s Coach provides trainings and intentional “time together” for leaders of all different backgrounds.

This is a way for you to be a part of a large community of pastors and leaders who are responding to the Calling God has for their life.

As we deepen connection and build network there is an exchange that happens of life experiences.

There’s a powerful healing process that leaders go through when they’re exposed to other realities and gain insight from the journey of others that are going through similar challenges.

If as a leader you walk with boldness into the Calling God has for your life then your church community will follow that same path, we have seen this happen time and time again.

After working with hundreds of churches across the world we’ve compiled our best resources and training into an intensive 12-week online program: The Boot Camp

The Boot Camp is a 12-week online Biblically-based training experience that gives you a proven, step-by-step Action Plan to shift your approach to “how to do church”.

We want to help you refocus your perspective into a growth and disciple-making leadership.

During the 12 weeks we go through core ministry principles and foundational concepts to “how to dochurch”.

We touch on administrative, strategic planning, team structure, vision, mission, culture and so much more.

Once you’ve completed the online intensive you’ll have all the knowledge needed to implement a shift to your church culture and create an even healthier and more dynamic environment.

Living and becoming a church-family is the way to “do church”

We’ve heard it many times throughout the years that “knowledge without application is dead”.

As a leader we want you to walk into the fullness of all that’s truly capable of happening with your ministry and church community.

After the Boot Camp we offer a full year long implementation program that’s intended in putting all that knowledge to practice with accountability and structure.

We will help assess and guide you through along the way as you begin identifying the changes that are needed and applying the principles we’ve discussed through the Boot Camp.

You will get access to our full resource library with hundreds of videos, MasterClasses, Church Mapping Assessments, exclusive tools, recordings and insights.

And most importantly you’ll  stay in touch with our team along every step of the way. We will celebrate the wins and process the challenges together.

This is how you can experience true breakthrough: together.