The Boot Camp

12-week guided Biblically-based online training experience with a proven PLAN to shift your church to make disciples who multiply.

Boot Camp Runs April 18 - July 6, 2023
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The Boot Camp Includes

Understanding the Road Map

The Road Map is a detailed weekly plan with study guides, videos, tasks and specific goals.

It is divided into  12 modules (one for each week), and you’ll do some prework, and then meet on Zoom for training and discussion.

During the Boot Camp we will also have a weekly group coaching zoom call for additional teaching and Q&A.

Leadership Principles Covered in the Boot Camp

  • Develop leaders using the New Testament model
  • Transform your core team to become reproducers
  • Make spiritually healthy disciples who multiply
  • Motivate people with the power of destiny
  • Clarify your vision, mission, values and priorities
  • Create a  dynamic culture that is infectious
  • Launch healthy small groups that multiply
  • Mobilize every member for ministry
  • Evangelize to achieve a 50% growth rate
  • Shift your approach to become a multiplier

Live Training on Key Topics

  1. Shifting from a Pastoral to an Apostolic focus
  2. Doing Church as a Spiritual Family that reproduces
  3. Using Destiny Finder to discover one’s Calling
  4. Creating dynamic Church Culture that is infectious
  5. Developing your Core Team – 1st Gen. Group
  1. Launching Small Groups – 2nd Gen. Groups
  2. Reaching AND keeping New People
  3. Multiplying Small Groups – 3rd Gen. Groups
  4. Multiplying Church: Leaders, Ministries, Facilities
  5. Implementation Plan & Strategy

Payment Plans

We offer 2 payment options for the 12 week intensive Boot Camp online training.

Next Boot Camp - April 18 - July 6, 2023

Boot Camp - 1 Pay


One-Time Payment

Boot Camp - 3 Pay

3 x $749

3 monthly installments

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