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12-Week Pastor's Boot Camp (includes Max Membership)
Max Membership

Pastor's Boot Camp

A Comprehensive All-in-One Church Development Program

Our membership offers access to weekly MasterClass Coaching

Max Membership

$ 99/mo or $799/yr ( save 33% )
  • LeaderStyle, Church Health, Outreach, Program Assessments ($1750 value)
  • 5 Destiny Finder Profilers ($250 value)
  • 40+ Courses, 200+ videos ($3210 value)
  • 1 Live MasterClass/mo x 12 ($1548 value)
  • Self-Paced Boot Camp ($499 value)
  • Weekly Coaching Calls, Phone Support ($1200 value)
  • Total value $8557

How much do Pastor’s Coach programs and coaching cost?

We approach Pastor’s Coach primarily as a ministry and with a Kingdom mentality.

We understand that pastors all over the world have very different financial situations. We know that megachurches and church plants also have very different financial situations. Therefore we strive to make sure that price isn’t a limiting factor. In so doing we try to balance the tension between meeting people where they are at and paying our own bills. We offer an extremely powerful Live Boot Camp, as well as an ongoing membership plan, both with monthly and one-time payment options that give everyone affordable choices.

For personalized coaching we offer a free 20 min. consultation by phone or Skype with one of our coaches. In that consultation, the coach will assess your situation and provide a proposal for a custom coaching program to address your needs. We try to be flexible with churches with limited budgets. Learn more about our coaching.

Why get a coach?

As leaders we all have our limitations. When executives, CEOs, and performing artists want to be their best, they employ a coach. Pastors and leaders can benefit same way. An expert can help you overcome your challenges and achieve better results faster and with less effort than doing it all yourself. One conversation with a good coach might save you a year of frustration, or be the difference between your church crashing and your church soaring.

Is this just for Senior pastors?

We focus on all levels of church leadership, and often do conference calls with entire teams. Learn more about our coaching services.

Join a FREE coaching call and get a glimpse of Pastor's Coach

Our group coaching calls happen every Wednesday at 9am PST.
Join us and dozens of Leaders from all over the world and start reaching your city today! 

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