To Believe Means to Take Action

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It’s happening! God is moving around the Earth. Even as darkness increases in some corners, the Light is spreading. God has a plan. He has a destined us for this time, to be bold and courageous. There is a radical wave of the power of God that will bring millions to Jesus and now is the time for a tremendous harvest!

Last month thousands of people gathered in Florida, USA for a tremendous new movement called “The Send.” The entire focus was on raising up people and sending them out into the harvest around the world.

As we prayed and dreamed we were faced with the question: What would happen if millions came to Jesus? What would happen if thousands in your city were touched by the Gospel? What would happen if hundreds showed up at your church?

To believe means to declare but also to take action. Many times we, the Church, have fallen short of understanding the implications of what’s happening and following through. If the huge harvest is coming, and we and many believe it is, then we need to be ready. We need nets for the catch! And right now we’re not ready.

The reality is that we need more churches, and we need more pastors and leaders that will shepherd the incredible harvest that’s coming. So we are believing God to raise up leaders for 10,000 new churches over the next 10 years. Yes that’s right, 10,000… and that means 10,000 church planters and pastors!

Epicenter Online School of Leadership is how we’re responding. We want to help aspiring leaders become the pastors and leaders God has called them to be, in order to pastor this fresh wave that is coming We have one and two year programs in Church Leadership and Church Planting that prepare men and women to lead. And our program is online so you don’t have to send your best potential leaders away for a couple of years but you can develop them in your midst. We believe there are leaders and potential leaders in every church–in your church–that are ready to move forward. We want to partner with you to raise them up.

Click here to find out more about this movement and how to join with us and be the answer to the move of God that is going to sweep the earth with His Grace and Love.

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