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What Is Culture and How Does It Work?

CHURCH LEADERS WHO UNLEASH THE POWER OF KINGDOM CULTURE One of the most valuable but neglected keys to leadership success is the ability to harnessRead more

Get Buy-In With Experiments

Often when I launch a new ministry I use the word “experiment” in the name. The last class I taught as a pastor was called, “The Discipleship Experiment.”Read more

Building the Church From the Inside-Out

CHURCH LEADERS WHO BUILD FROM THE INSIDE-OUT John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard Movement, is crediting with influencing many streams of the Body ofRead more

Change Your Church Culture With Prototypes

The hundreds of small decisions and programs determine your church culture. I’ve learned a few tips on how to slowly move the ship in theRead more

How to Cultivate Kingdom Culture in Your Ministry

Can a Spirit-led Church be Seeker-Sensitive?

A seeker is someone who is not convinced that Jesus is Lord, but is actively trying to find out for themselves. The seeker-sensitive movement isRead more

Introduction to Evangelism Part 2

COACHING CHURCH LEADERS IN EVANGELISM “For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.” — Luke 19:10 Last week WeRead more

lady working on church website

Five Things Your Church Website Needs

Church websites are after all these years, finally getting better.  But I wonder are you making the most of this resource? If you are likeRead more

Shifting From Pastoral to Apostolic Servant Leadership