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Hypocrisy and How To Walk With Integrity

INTEGRITY THAT BUILDS CHURCH HEALTH Everyone Hates Hypocrisy In fact, one of the main excuses people give for rejecting Jesus is that the church isRead more

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Five Keys to Becoming A Healthy Leader

a healthy tree

5 areas of focus for healthy leadership teams

There are five areas of life that everybody needs to prioritize in order to have healthy leadership. You judge the health of a tree notRead more

man standing on a pier overlooking water praying God will strengthen him

Strengthen Yourself In The Lord

Being able to Strengthen yourself in the lord is a necessity for pastors, no matter what season your in…  Church leaders get emotionally and spirituallyRead more

How to Jump Start Internal Culture Change in your Church

JUMP START CULTURE CHANGE WITH YOUR CHURCH LEADERS This insight is the “11th key” which I wrote following publication of my e-book, 10 Keys toRead more

What Is Culture and How Does It Work?

CHURCH LEADERS WHO UNLEASH THE POWER OF KINGDOM CULTURE One of the most valuable but neglected keys to leadership success is the ability to harnessRead more

Understanding The Need For a Church Culture

Coaching Pastor’s in Creating Culture Most of the pastors in our class shared how they are struggling with the issue of involvement by their people.Read more

Thanksgiving: Take two and call me in the morning

COACHING PASTORS IN THE ART OF THANKSGIVING If you watch any amount of commercial TV, you may have noticed more than half of the adsRead more