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man standing on a pier overlooking water praying God will strengthen him

Strengthen Yourself In The Lord

Being able to Strengthen yourself in the lord is a necessity for pastors, no matter what season your in…  Church leaders get emotionally and spirituallyRead more

woman holding cherries in both hands because of someones cherry tree legacy

Your Legacy Starts With a Seed

Legacy- What is the one thing you can do to leave the most dramatic legacy in your region? Recently Diane and I enjoyed a ministry trip toRead more

The Priesthood of the Believer – Is it Time?

CHURCH LEADERS WHO RAISE UP CHURCH LEADERS Luther’s Legacy One of the truths of the Reformation began by Luther 500 years ago was that ofRead more

YEAR 500 – From Reformation to Transformation

LEADING THE CHURCH INTO THIER PRIESTHOOD In a few short days we will celebrate the 500th year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. On October 31,Read more

a healthy tree

5 areas of focus for healthy leadership teams

There are five areas of life that everybody needs to prioritize in order to have healthy leadership. You judge the health of a tree notRead more

father and son on a carnival ride doing practical succession

Sons And Wonders

Someone once said that the true measure of success is succession. Part of the spiritual life cycle is pouring our lives into emerging leaders inRead more