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You ARE the Hero

CHURCH LEADERS ARE MY HEROES In recent years, the media has been flooded with hero stories from Wonder Woman to Spider Man, Luke Skywalker toRead more

Five Values That Lead To Developing Family Church

As we’ve talked about many times before, developing family church community is a goal that most pastors share. However, as many of us know, the emphasisRead more

Living Life as a Family Church – Kindle Church, Pontypridd, Wale

COACHING CHURCH LEADERS TO LIVE LIFE AS A FAMILY CHURCH As I sit here to write this article in our small town of Pontypridd deepRead more

Family: God’s Threefold Solution

God has one solution to the pain and suffering in this world: to raise up healthy families who will extend His heavenly family throughout theRead more

a healthy tree

5 areas of focus for healthy leadership teams

There are five areas of life that everybody needs to prioritize in order to have healthy leadership. You judge the health of a tree notRead more

The Five Impartations of a Healthy Family

SPIRITUAL PARENTING FOR CHURCH HEALTH I am continually amazed at God’s ways of doing things. And nothing is more fascinating to me and God’s purposeRead more

cross on the top of a healthy church in the city

A Tale of Three Churches: Fantasy, Factory and Family

Tale of Three Churches: Part One – Fantasy, Factory and Family I wonder if we are living out the picture Jesus had in His head forRead more

How To Build Pastoral Culture

How To Build a Pastoral Church: Part One As the senior leader, you are the custodian of your church’s vision. You are the one whoRead more

How To Build Pastoral Lifestyle

How To Build a Pastoral Church: Part Two When you look at the body of believers in your care, do you see the pastoral giftRead more