Leadership 101 – Kingdom Principles and Practices

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Who it’s for: All Leadership Categories
Number of videos: 13 videos
Average length: 20-minute teaching videos/10-minute application video
Topic: This course is designed for emerging leaders who are coming into the understanding of their leadership gifts and calling. It covers the biblical foundations of kingdom theology and practice, the lordship of Christ, and the call and character of a leader.


2. The Gospel of the Kingdom

Length: 20 minutes

What is the gospel of the Kingdom? Watch Michael answer this all important question and be encouraged today.

6. The Calling of a Leader

Length: 20 minutes

As a leader, are you discovering and pursuing your calling from God? We will discuss your personal calling and beginning the journey of destiny discovery.

8. The Character of a Leader

Length: 20 minutes

The fruit of the Spirit is essential to leadership. In this lesson, Michael will discuss the character of a leader.

12. The Great Commission

Length: 19 minutes

The Great Commission is vital to fulfill as a leader, whether you are in the church or marketplace. In this lesson, Michael will teach on this important topic.