Leadership 101 – Kingdom Principles and Practices

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Topic: This course covers the biblical foundations of kingdom theology and practice, the Lordship of Christ, the call and character of a leader, The Great Commandment and The Great Commission.


2. The Gospel of the Kingdom

Length: 20 minutes

What is the gospel of the Kingdom? Watch Michael answer this all important question and be encouraged today.

6. The Calling of a Leader

Length: 20 minutes

As a leader, are you discovering and pursuing your calling from God? We will discuss your personal calling and beginning the journey of destiny discovery.

8. The Character of a Leader

Length: 20 minutes

The fruit of the Spirit is essential to leadership. In this lesson, Michael will discuss the character of a leader.

12. The Great Commission

Length: 19 minutes

The Great Commission is vital to fulfill as a leader, whether you are in the church or marketplace. In this lesson, Michael will teach on this important topic.