Family Church: How to Develop Your Church as a Family

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Who its for: All Leadership Categories
Number of videos: 12 videos
Average length: 10 minutes per video
Topic: This course will give you the foundation to God’s methodology and prototype for doing church: the family unit. We will address four aspects of family church: 1. How to establish the family of God. 2. Spiritual Parenting 3. Culture 4. Intergenerational Continuity.


2. The Family of God: Part 2

Length: 10 minutes

Learn the five skills that every spiritual parent must have in order to raise up spiritual sons and daughters faithfully.

3. The Family of God: Part 3

Length: 10 minutes

Learn how to begin activating family church in a practical way. Learn the key of building leaders to see family church in your organization.

4. Spiritual Parenting: Part 1

Length: 11 minutes

Discover the power of spiritual parenting. Learn the five gifts that every spiritual parents gives to their spiritual children.

6. Spiritual Parenting: Part 3

Length: 11 minutes

No church is going to be fully healthy and able to execute family without small groups. Learn how to develop small groups in order to instill a family dynamic in your…