How To Build a Teaching Church pt. 4: Structure

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How do you train people in the Word of God? Lets look at a few hands-on, practical ways you can help grow a deep love for God’s Word in your congregation.

1. Have adult classes teaching the Word.

Though most transformation doesn’t take place in a classroom, the necessary fuel for transformation can.

2. Help people own what they learn.

What you are teaching needs to take root inside them.  It must be carried out the door with them when they leave each day.

3. Have leaders raise up leaders and encourage small groups.

In every ministry, group or class, your leaders need to be teaching their replacements. Make sure your people are invested in small groups, communicating with each other and processing Scripture together as a normal part of their Christian life/community experience.

4. Make sure you’re doing it first.

Build structures that begin in the heart and grow out from the center. Make the love and study of Scripture a priority in your own life, and then try to build it in the lives of the next generation of leaders, so they can in turn do it with other people in your church.

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