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How To Read More In Less Time

How can church leadership lead people in a direction they don’t know exists? I was bogged down in the work of ministry. At the sameRead more

man hangs feet overr the edge of a well thinking about growing his church

Wells and Fences

Growing your church is all about Wells & Fences. Do you ever feel like your church has a revolving door? When I pastored in SanRead more

healthy leader runs through airport to catch a plane

Five Keys to Becoming A Healthy Leader

baseball leadership team huddled in a circle on a baseball field

The Five Building Blocks of a Thriving Team

Leadership Teams are key to move your ministry forward, but what does it look like to lead a team? When I first started out inRead more

What Is Culture and How Does It Work?

CHURCH LEADERS WHO UNLEASH THE POWER OF KINGDOM CULTURE One of the most valuable but neglected keys to leadership success is the ability to harnessRead more

How to Cultivate Kingdom Culture in Your Ministry

What is a recommended church leadership structure for a church of 200 people?

STRUCTURING CHURCH LEADERS FOR A CHURCH OF 200 In one of our Church Transformation Track classes, we talked about having enough administrative support for yourRead more

How to Lead Leaders

COACHING CHURCH LEADERS TO LEAD LEADERS The average church size in America is around 60 people. Have you ever stopped to wonder why? A pastor canRead more

Hypocrisy and How To Walk With Integrity

INTEGRITY THAT BUILDS CHURCH HEALTH Everyone Hates Hypocrisy In fact, one of the main excuses people give for rejecting Jesus is that the church isRead more