How To Build Pastoral Lifestyle

How To Build a Pastoral Church:
Part Two

When you look at the body of believers in your care, do you see the pastoral gift at work among them?

The following questions will help paint a picture of the “pastoral state” of your congregation:

  • How inclined are the people toward fellowship?
  • Do they enjoy just hanging out with one another?
  • How much do they want to be together?
  • Do they spend time together having fun over a meal, opening up their hearts and homes to one another?

Here are three easy steps on How to Build Pastoral Lifestyle

1. Raise up the vision for pastoral care

You and your leadership team need to make a conscious effort to model the pastoral gift in everyday settings.

2. Get rid of hindrances

Begin to identify challenges that might be hindering you and your church from living a pastoral lifestyle. Are your values and priorities consistent with who Jesus is?

3. Consistently share the vision with the body

Preach on the subject of building a lifestyle of pastoral care in your church, and encourage people to celebrate those who are walking in true, godly love with one another.



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