Viral Evangelism MasterClass

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The Gospel is extremely contagious and when it is allowed to go viral, hundreds can come to Jesus in a short period of time because of people networks. This is demonstrated in what are referred to as Church Planting Movements (CPM) or Disciple Making Movements (DMM) around the world.

Erik Fish has been creating viral movements on college campuses and other settings for over a decade and has seen this viral dynamic take place again and again. During this MasterClass he joins Michael to take these principles and apply them in various settings. It’s simple and powerful!


3. A Simple (Micro) Church Model

Length: 73 minutes

Speaker: Erik Fish, Student Church Planting eXperience, Download Additional Notes Below: 9 Fun Activities to Jump Start Micro Church Paradigm Shift Four Rhythms Pocket Disciple: 7 Experiences with Jesus…