Mobilizing Every Member for Ministry MasterClass

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This course covers the concept of the body of Christ and how each member must function for the whole body to be healthy. You will be introduced to the concepts of destiny discovery to help people understand their gifts and calling. You will also learn how to develop and mobilize each person for service in the church and the marketplace, according to their gifts and calling, for maximum fruitfulness and fulfillment.


2. Principles and Practices of a Kingdom Lifestyle

Length: 10 minutes

True disciples organize their lifestyles according to a Kingdom mindset with the purpose of fulfilling their destinies. In this lesson, you will learn how to encourage your members to prioritize their…

4. Developing Ministries in the Church

Length: 10 minutes

Some people are called to serve primarily in the church. In this lesson, you will learn how to equip people to serve in the local church, and how that will help…

5. Developing Ministries in the Marketplace

Length: 9 minutes

Some people are called to minister primarily in the marketplace, and this is an often neglected aspect of ministry that is so important. In this lesson, you will learn how…