How to Develop a Powerful Leadership Team

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Who it’s for: Senior Leaders
Number of videos: 5 videos
Average Length: 10 minutes per video
Topics: This course covers the core biblical principles of leadership and the key purpose of leaders, which is to equip the members for service. It also covers how to develop your core leaders, how to develop your secondary leaders, aligning the team with your vision, team assignments and team momentum.


3. Aligning Your Team with the Vision

Length: 8 minutes

Unity is just as important as diversity in a leadership team. Learn the importance of getting your leadership team to align with your vision and values.

4. Assigning Areas of Responsibility

Length: 8 minutes

Assigning the right things to the right people is an essential quality of a key leader. Learn how to define responsibilities and expectations clearly to your team members while giving…

5. Generating Team Momentum

Length: 8 minutes

Momentum is the x-factor to having a thriving leadership team. In this lesson you will learn how momentum works and the keys to create momentum in your team.