Destiny Incubators: A Powerful Approach to Small Groups MasterClass

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  • Developing apostolic small groups (rather than pastoral) that develop people into mature disciples (rather than consumers).
  • How to recruit, train and develop leaders; and align people with their gifts, calling and destiny.
  • How to empower members for one-another ministry, and how to multiply leaders and groups.

MasterClass Coaching Call Recordings (1 hour each)



2. Biblical Basis for Small Groups

Length: 10 minutes

Throughout the entire Scripture there has been a strategy for creating smaller units in order to help move people forward. In this lesson, you will become familiar with the biblical…

3. Practical Approach to Small Groups

Length: 10 minutes

Small groups start from the foundational culture and leadership core of the church and reproduce outward. In this lesson, you will learn the practicalities of building a small group ministry.

4. Developing a Plan for a Small Group

Length: 9 minutes

The planning process is vital for having a reliable blueprint to build your small group ministry.  In this lesson, you will learn about the planning process concerning building a small…

5. How to Implement Your Plan

Length: 9 minutes

Planning your small group ministry in every aspect will produce the outcome you envision; including vision, leadership, quality, infrastructure, goals, feedback and multiplication. In this lesson, you will learn how…

6. Defining Goals for Small Groups

Length: 8 minutes

When planning for small groups, always finalize and implement your proposal with your leadership team, as a team. In this lesson, you will learn how to plan a small group…

7. Principles of Team Building

Length: 9 minutes

Team building is essential in small groups, in order to raise up leaders who raise up leaders. In this lesson, you will learn how to start building a team.

8. Biblical Basis of Team Building

Length: 8 minutes

Team building is a pattern throughout Scripture that should be modeled in your small group ministry. In this lesson, you will learn how to replicate the principles of Scripture as…

9. How to Build a Team

Length: 10 minutes

Building a team for a small group ministry can be done by pulling from existing leaders or building a team from scratch using a simple five-step process: Identify, recruit, train,…

10. How to Model an Experience

Length: 10 minutes

Modeling a small group is crucial to presenting a format that people can follow into the future. Most of what we need to know is caught not taught. In this…

12. How to Model Reproducing a Small Group

Length: 10 minutes

If you can create a small group model that is simple, reproducible, efficient, effective and excellent, then you have the foundations in place for a movement of reproducible small groups.…

13. The Principle of Multiplying Leaders

Length: 10 minutes

Small groups facilitate leadership development which is the greatest commission of Christ; for every believer to be in the process of development within his or her specific calling. In this lesson, you…

14. Multiplication and Developing Disciples

Length: 10 minutes

Every excellent small group provides an abundant measure of these five, essential elements as main keys to develop its members: Identity, community, maturity, responsibility and destiny. In this lesson, you…

15. How to Develop Leaders

Length: 10 minutes

Small groups are the main leadership development tool where people are measured and developed in five, main areas of leadership qualification: Health, head, heart, hands and help. In this lesson,…

16. Developing from the Inside Out

Length: 9 minutes

God’s strategy for extending His kingdom is to use self-reproducing families. This is what small groups provide like no other ministry does. In this lesson, you will learn about the…

17. The Small Group Is the Basic Unit of the Church

Length: 9 minutes

All living things reproduce. Small groups facilitate the multiplication of believers, ministers, marketplace ministers, ministries, churches, marketplace small groups and small groups themselves. In this lesson, you will learn about…

18. How to Develop Small Groups That Multiply

Length: 10 minutes

The process of building a small group is modeling a small group, having quality meetings and infrastructure, developing leaders, multiplying the groups, slowly releasing key leadership and instituting coaches. In…