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Kingdom Strategy: How To Bring God’s Purpose

COACHING STRATEGIC CHURCH LEADERS Strategy is Essential in Bringing God’s Purpose To Pass In many ways, the story that God is writing in your lifeRead more

lady working on church website

Five Things Your Church Website Needs

Church websites are after all these years, finally getting better.  But I wonder are you making the most of this resource? If you are likeRead more

Change Your Church Culture With Prototypes

The hundreds of small decisions and programs determine your church culture. I’ve learned a few tips on how to slowly move the ship in theRead more

woman holding cherries in both hands because of someones cherry tree legacy

Your Legacy Starts With a Seed

Legacy- What is the one thing you can do to leave the most dramatic legacy in your region? Recently Diane and I enjoyed a ministry trip toRead more

An Introduction to Evangelism Part 1

COACHING CHURCH LEADERS IN EVANGELISM “For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.” — Luke 19:10 A few yearsRead more

Understanding The Need For a Church Culture

Coaching Pastor’s in Creating Culture Most of the pastors in our class shared how they are struggling with the issue of involvement by their people.Read more

The Quest

You’ve been sent by the High King to the frontier near the mountains. Your quest is to liberate slaves who are being held captive byRead more

Church Culture That Impacts Local Cultures

When my best friend came to the Lord and started attending our church, he had two culture hurdles he had to overcome. The first hurdleRead more