Resources found in A Guide to Spiritual Parenting : 9
mom is bending down loooking at her sons face and holding his hands as an example of spiritual parenting

An Introduction to Spiritual Parenting

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of coaching many dozens of pastors from a wide variety of churches. In almost every case, the word pastorsRead more

father and son on a carnival ride doing practical succession

Sons And Wonders

Someone once said that the true measure of success is succession. Part of the spiritual life cycle is pouring our lives into emerging leaders inRead more

Living Life as a Family Church – Kindle Church, Pontypridd, Wale

COACHING CHURCH LEADERS TO LIVE LIFE AS A FAMILY CHURCH As I sit here to write this article in our small town of Pontypridd deepRead more

The Five Impartations of a Healthy Family

SPIRITUAL PARENTING FOR CHURCH HEALTH I am continually amazed at God’s ways of doing things. And nothing is more fascinating to me and God’s purposeRead more

The Gift of Identity

Spiritual Parenting: Identity Part One We live in a fractured world with a thousand pressures bearing down on us from all sides. A fractured worldRead more

The Gift of Community

Spiritual Parenting : Part Three   As I have said before, my wife, Diane and I have seven children. Although they are all now adults,Read more

The Gift of Maturity

Spiritual Parenting: Part Four   As a father of seven, I had children in my home for over 30 years. Each of my children wasRead more

The Gift of Responsibility

Spiritual Parenting: Part Five   One of the biggest problems in current parenting is the inability for parents to give their children the Gift ofRead more

The Gift of Destiny

Spiritual Parenting: Part Six   One of the problems in our culture is what some are calling “Failure to Launch.” There are a number of culturalRead more