YEAR 500 – From Reformation to Transformation

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In a few short days we will celebrate the 500th year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther published his 95 Thesis and set in motion a reformation of Christianity that is still moving forward today. In his document, three primary truths emerged that reset the Church into a more biblical framework.

  • Salvation Comes by Faith Alone
  • Scripture Is our Ultimate Authority
  • The Priesthood of Every Believer

Throughout the centuries, the Church has done a fairly good job of practicing the first two truths. Sadly, we have largely failed to implement the “Priesthood of Every Believer.” Prior to the first Reformation, a few people performed the ministry and the majority of believers were relegated to the role of consumers and spectators. Since the Reformation a few still do the ministry and the majority remain spectators. As a result the Church remains crippled by consumerism, complacency and compromise.

According to many prophetic leaders, the Body of Christ is on the verge of what could be the greatest harvest of souls in human history. Many are predicting that up to 1 billion people will come to Christ in the coming decade. In order for the church to be ready to disciple and pastor this many believers, I estimate we will need 10 Million new pastors and ministers. If you do the math, this seems like a practical impossibility. The only solution to a challenge this great is a NEW Reformation. Actually, scratch that! What we really need is a Reformation 2.0

Let’s all agree that the Protestant Reformation of 500 years ago was pivotal, powerful and effective, but let’s also admit that it was largely incomplete. Over the centuries, instead of equipping and empowering every member into their God-given priesthood, we have continued the pattern in which the select few do all the ministry and the multitudes are merely spectators. This has made the Church into a consumer product that is measured not so much by its impact on individuals and nations, but by its ability to keep believers safe and separate from the world until the time they go to heaven. This was NOT God’s original purpose in sending Christ and raising up His Body upon the earth.

There are three primary signs that the church is getting ready for Reformation 2.0 and the new revolution of the “Priesthood of Every Believer.”

  • The Renewal of the Ministry of the Holy Spirit: God is releasing a new level of supernatural gifting that is no longer reserved for a few anointed ministers, but is accessible to every believer to be empowered and equipped to do “Greater Things” in Christ.
  • The Restoration of the Ministry Gifts of Christ: There Is a growing clarity about the ministry gifts that were given at the time of the ascension of Jesus, and how these special abilities are to function in the Church for the glory of God.
  • The Revelation of Ecclesia and the transformation of Spheres: There is also an increasing understanding of the true meaning of the word ecclesia, a word which Jesus co-opted from Greek common use and gave new meaning to it. A careful study shows that the “called-out ones” were never called out to escape the world in fear, but rather were called to be “elders” who represented the village by gathering in the gates to resolve conflict and legislate on behalf of the well-being of the village.

When Jesus gave us the Great Commission he placed the advancement of the Kingdom into our hands and gave us a clear strategy for changing the world. That is… we are called to help people become wholehearted followers of Jesus, and then to develop them from spiritual infancy into full-fledged spiritual adults so they can create new kingdom offspring — and the cycle of discipleship would continue until the whole Earth would be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God.

Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to empower us for this task and to guide us into all truth. All Christians need to understand the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Many are unaware of His presence in daily life. We cannot do what God has called us to do with mere human willpower and effort. We must rely on the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit, and experience His presence in our lives as we depend on Him.

Jesus also poured out upon the Church his ministry gifts so that we can equip each other for the work of ministry until the Body of Christ completes its mission on the earth (Ephesians 4:7-16). Pastors Coach exists to help bring a new Reformation that will equip leaders to empower every member to represent Christ fully: in their homes, in the marketplace and the Church. In order to achieve this outcome, Scripture tells us that Jesus, when He ascended on high, gave gifts to humanity. These gifts were listed as apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher. Each of these gifts are aspects of Jesus himself. Each of these gifts was given at the same time. Each of these gifts was given for the same purpose: to equip the Church. And each of these gifts was given until the same time: until we all come in the fullness of the knowledge of the son of God, unto a perfect man, the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.

Unfortunately, when rediscovering these gifts there has been some misunderstandings, which have led to some abuse and misapplication. Many have mistakenly made these gifts all about titles and positions. Some have paraded themselves, expecting the highest seat in the room or the choice speaking position at the conference. However, that was not Jesus’ intention when he gave these gifts in the first place. It’s not about positions and titles but rather function and fruit. And their primary function is to equip the saints, and the primary fruit is the fullness of the body of Christ, with every member doing its part. Unless this outcome is being achieved there really is no purpose for the five ministry gifts of Christ.

Pastors coach exists to help the church complete the Reformation that began 500 years ago that only now is being understood in its full measure. We intend to accomplish this by being a catalyst for a five-point reformation that we believe will change the nature of the Church and bring forth a new wineskin for this new harvest.

  • The Evangelistic Reformation – Every believer winning the lost and impacting every sphere of society.
  • The Pastoral Reformation – Every believer connecting with and caring for each another.
  • The Teaching Reformation – Every believer established in and instructing others in God’s truth.
  • The Prophetic Reformation – Every believer experiencing and expressing God’s presence and power.
  • The Apostolic Reformation – Every believer leading others into spiritual maturity and reproduction, and supporting the greater Body of Christ.

At Pastor’s Coach, we do this by helping leaders build thriving churches that equip and empower every member for ministry according to their God-given design and destiny. Our teachings and tools are proven to enable leaders to motivate and mobilize believers to become world-changing leaders who bring transformation to the world around them. Only 2% of people will make their living being employed as a minister or pastor… the rest will be soccer moms, corporate workers, electricians, banking executives, small business owners, teachers, etc. … but every one can be and should consider themselves, a full-time minister – serving those around them, bringing them to Jesus, ministering healing and reconciliation. That’s the secret, that’s the main purpose, that’s discipleship, that’s reformation that matters!

Here are three simple ways you can fuel Reformation 2.0:

  • Become a member of Pastors Coach today!
    • For a small monthly (or discounted yearly) contribution, you get a huge win-win. Not only will you receive cutting-edge equipping for you and your church, but you will help us to continue to create new materials that will transform the Church from a “spectator sport” to the true Body of Christ in which “every member, doing its part, produces the growth of the Body and the building up of itself in love.” (Eph.4:16)
    • Check out Pastor’s Coach memberships at
  • Use the tools and resources on our website.
    • Most pastors have their hearts in the right place and are serving to their best ability, but many are consumed with “reactive leadership” – always putting out fires, rather than being proactive and developing their people to be mature members of the body. Also, there is a lack of practical teaching on how to develop healthy churches that grow in quality and quantity. Our tools, online video classes, conference calls and customized coaching are specifically designed to help you master the keys to building a healthy church through Biblical leadership development and transformation, and do your part to fuel the New Reformation. In church after church from all branches of Christianity, we’ve seen pastors encouraged and equipped to develop their people and lead their churches into healthy growth.
  • Encourage your friends to join the movement and network with others.
    • As a Pastors Coach member, you are automatically part of our team. We have pastors and leaders from around the world on the weekly video coaching calls. We encourage you to network — share your testimonies, teachings and tools that you are developing with us so we can share them with the rest of the Body of Christ. You may also be eligible to become one of our coaches and start your own coaching ministry.

Every Member a Minister… Every Minister a Mentor… Every Mentor a Multiplier.

Together we can change the world and bring uttermost Glory to God. (John 15:8)

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