Understanding The Need For a Church Culture

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Coaching Pastor’s in Creating Culture

Most of the pastors in our class shared how they are struggling with the issue of involvement by their people. It seems to be too much to ask most people to attend more than Sunday morning each week. Good question! How do you deal with this when the general culture now is for people to be too busy and not very willing to be involved at church?…What about young families with kids and the fact that work schedules are so crazy these days? And too much soccer, etc…. ???

You as the leader need to be very intentional to lift up a vision that is compelling – give people the “why” so that they will be motivated from within. God wired us to be reward-based. Yes, we need to fulfill our duty but that can’t be the only or the main motivator.

Don’t be afraid to expect more than just attendance once a week on Sunday. Lift up a vision for small groups and outreach as a lifestyle. Deliver more and expect more. Don’t apologize for challenging Christians to live sacrificially. Jesus said if we want to follow Him, we need to give our all, to die, etc… but give the “why” – paint a picture of what the goal is and people will respond. (Jesus for the joy set before him, endured the cross…)

Use the material on Creating Church Culture in the Track or in the Culture MasterClass and apply it: Publicly celebrate what you want to see take place. Have small group participants give testimonies Sun morning about how great the small group is, etc. Highlight people who are inviting friends to church, or who are getting together with and praying for friends etc. If you see people that are not promoting the culture you want, address that privately.

A Key: Be intentional and focus on the main things: Create the culture you want with your family and your core team – and then spread it outward from there by example and instruction with public celebration and private correction.

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