You ARE the Hero

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In recent years, the media has been flooded with hero stories from Wonder Woman to Spider Man, Luke Skywalker to Indiana Jones. Inevitably, in every hero movie, there is a moment when the hero is overcome by outside forces and falls into a season of discouragement. When all hope seems lost, the hero discovers a ray of hope and rallies his or her inner strength and special powers to prevail over every foe and ultimately win the day.

If you are a pastor or key leader in a local church, I want you to know that you are my hero. As the founder of Pastors Coach, I have the privilege of meeting leaders from around the world and I am continually impressed by the quality of love, devotion, and sincerity of the pastors I meet.  As I think about those of you who I relate to regularly in person and in Master Classes, I am blown away by your passion, perseverance and long-suffering.

Recently I met with a pastoral couple who epitomize the hero story. They have been in vocational ministry for over 25 years in several different churches. Each assignment was taken with the sincere desire to love God’s people and build a congregation that would share the Gospel with the poor, bind up broken hearts and set the captives free. But in each case, there was unexpected challenges, spiritual warfare and disgruntled members that not only robbed the joy from their hearts but brought them to the point of wondering if it is all worth it.

This couple was at that moment in the film where they are ready to hang up their superhero suit but as we spent time together, their countenance began to change and hope began to revive. In almost every hero tale, there is a moment where a mentor appears and reveals the hidden secret to victory. A thousand examples of this can be summed up in a single phrase – “Use the force, Luke.”

At PastorsCoach, we believe that you are the hero, not only to the people you pastor but you are a true hero in the eyes of God. We are aware that things may not have worked out like you originally imagined and you may be facing a time in which all the forces of frustration and disappointment are staring you in the face. Let us be your Obi-Wan. We have walked in your shoes and faced the challenges you face. Through much prayer and perseverance, God has given us some solutions and we want to share them with you.

Together we can overcome every obstacle and resolve your story to a happy ending.

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