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Begin by watching our 5-minute website tour video

Start by watching our quick website tour video. This will give you a general overview of our resources and how our website is organized.

Next Steps

1. Log in and go to My Account for all your resources. There you’ll be able to:

* Access the Church Transformation Boot Camp (On the left under the Training Menu). The Boot Camp is the first part of the Church Growth Track. If you are signed up for the Church Growth Track, you can register for a Live Track /Boot Camp Class. 

* View and access your Active Courses (center section).

* Manage your Assessments (left menu): Do the assessments, invite others, view results and access associated resources. Check out the Church Health Assessment; this is a powerful 360 degree assessment of where your church and ministry is at.

2. There’s a lot more. Use the following links to explore:

– Check out the Tools & Resources Overview to see what’s available.

– Do the Leadership Style Assessment. It’s available to everyone, takes less than 5 min.

– Check out all the courses available. Most of these are available for FREE with your membership. Once you open the course and click the Start button, the course will appear in your Active Courses listing in My Account, and then you can access it easily there.

3. Call us at 916-467-9934 (Glen Reed) or email info@pastorscoach.com with questions or to set up personal coaching.

There’s a lot more on the website!

Welcome and dive in. Click here to go to My Account.

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