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Would You Attend Your Own Church?

CHURCH LEADERS WHO WOULD ATTEND THIER OWN CHURCH Pastors: If you weren’t paid to, or weren’t on staff of the church you work with, wouldRead more

The Five Impartations of a Healthy Family

SPIRITUAL PARENTING FOR CHURCH HEALTH I am continually amazed at God’s ways of doing things. And nothing is more fascinating to me and God’s purposeRead more

Ministry Coaching – Bridging the Generations

Article written by Doug Terpstra As church leaders, we can see that from the beginning of time, God’s plan for expanding the Garden of Eden outsideRead more

Church Culture That Impacts Local Cultures

When my best friend came to the Lord and started attending our church, he had two culture hurdles he had to overcome. The first hurdleRead more

What Leaders Need to Do: Reproduce.

Leaders are not created; they are cultivated and developed over a period of time. In the same way that humans are not born as adultsRead more

The Quest

You’ve been sent by the High King to the frontier near the mountains. Your quest is to liberate slaves who are being held captive byRead more

How Church Leaders Can bring Apostolic Impact to Their Region

Pastor Smith has been a church leader and leading a small church in the city for 25 years. He has been faithful to do whatRead more

Thanksgiving: Take two and call me in the morning

COACHING PASTORS IN THE ART OF THANKSGIVING If you watch any amount of commercial TV, you may have noticed more than half of the adsRead more

Nailing your Destiny – A Call to Personal Reformation

CHURCH LEADERS THAT NAIL THEIR DESTINY Today is the 500th year anniversary of one of the most important events in human history: The start ofRead more