Trigger Topics Masterclass


Pastoring in 2020 is filled with crazy challenges: Mask or no-mask? Trump or Biden? Racism or
anti-Racism? Socialism or Capitalism? And the list goes on… So what do we do? Hide our heads
in the biblical sand? Or do we boldly address social issues from a biblical perspective? In this
Masterclass we will be tackling some of the global “trigger topics” to help pastors know where
to stand in the midst of all this shifting sand, as we address these and other difficult discussions
that are raging around the world.

Join us for this three-part series on Oct. 7, 14, 21. The first zoom gathering is free and open to
all non-Members.

The final meeting on October 28 th will be a Special Members-Only meeting.

  1. The Power of Worldview: Biblical vs. Crazy!
  2. Critical Theory and Biblical Worldview – Guest Elijah Stevens
  3. How to be a Worldview World Changer