Destiny Finder Profiler

The Destiny Finder Profiler is part of the Destiny Finder program that helps people discover and fulfill their ministry calling. God has given each person a unique calling or ministry to accomplish. We call it one’s destiny. He has also wired or designed every person with a special set of gifts and talents and passions and desires…. so they can use those to fulfill that unique calling.

The Profiler contains five online assessments that help people understand their ministry gift, motivational gift, power gifts, passion, target people group, and talents and loves. The assessments produce multi-page reports packed with powerful insights that will help you chart a course to fulfill your purpose and serving in the ministry the way God designed you.

This teaching is very powerful as it unleashes dreams and inspires hope for you to accomplish something significant for the Lord.

Each assessment is easy to do, takes 20-30 min each, and results are available immediately. It can be done on Mac and Windows machines, and IOS and Android mobile devices.