Covid Relaunch Masterclass


The COVID Crisis has been with us now for over six months. We have moved from “Flatten the Curve” to partial reopening to a second shut-down. Now there are some churches that are allowed limited meetings and some that are violating government restrictions to meet freely. How do we navigate this season? How do we heal the damage done by COVID? How do we identify the benefits of COVID? How do we retain these benefits and innovate new expressions of Church that will bring greater fruitfulness in the years to come? During our September Masterclass, we will address all these topics and more… Join Us. As always, our first Masterclass is open and free to all.

In this MasterClass we will be stepping into our new format with three MasterClass Sessions and the final Wednesday of the month will be a Pastors Coach Community gathering. This connection will be exclusive to members only.

We will be inviting various members to share what they are learning and building a cross pollenating community of mutual support and blessing… We will also use this once-a-month gathering to do ongoing member coaching along the new Pastors Coach 7-step roadmap.