How To Build a Teaching Church pt. 3: Lifestyle

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Teachers are knowledgeable people who live a lifestyle based around understanding facts. They care deeply about the truth and comprehend the power of truth to set people free and help them thrive. Love for the Word of God courses through their veins–they make passionate educators–and gifted teachers are usually the ones who teach Bible and lifestyle classes within the church and provide detailed training. Along the way, they impart their gift and love for the Word into others.

The Following Three Steps are How To Build Teaching Lifestyle

1. Remind People of the Vision

As leaders, we get to reveal God’s heart as we encourage those around us to go deep into God’s Word and to teach others to do the same. Lives are changed as a lifestyle of loving the Word is embraced and established in a church.

2. Make God’s Word a Priority

Does anything hinder your church from living a lifestyle of passion for Scripture and the Truth of God?

3. Get People Excited

People need to make Scripture a part of them and explore its pages to truly understand and experience it. The Word will come alive in their hearts and they will “feast” on Scripture in a way that excites and inspires them to share it with others.

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