How To Build a Teaching Church pt. 2: Culture

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The teacher has a powerful love for God’s Word that can spread through your entire church. Build your culture around a passionate love for the Word. God’s truth will become a firm, established part of your congregation.

The following Three Steps Are How to Build Teaching Culture:

1. Lead by example.

Culture is the reflection of the Senior Leader’s lifestyle and the core community of the leadership team. How has the Word impacted you? Does your family study the Word together on a regular basis?

2. When building your core team, make sure you choose candidates that share your values.

Make sure your team honors Scripture. What are the values that illustrate integrity, consistency and intelligence in the Kingdom of God?

3. Cultural change in your congregation.

Build a cultural value for the Word of God. There are four major points of focus on:

  • Personal Interaction
  • Public Preaching
  • Testimonies
  • Ongoing Celebration of cultural success

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