How To Build Pastoral Structure

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How To Build a Pastoral Church:
Part Three

Jesus is the Good Shepherd. He is the One who supports us, leads us, guides us, feeds us, and restores our souls when we are weary and broken. Every church needs to reflect His heart of care and love. Pastoral ministry is woven into every aspect of the church, whether you’re a senior leader, parking attendant, janitor, worship leader or children’s ministry worker.

All of us are involved in caring for one another.

The following three priorities should be paramount to achieve the Pastoral Structure

1. Hospital Ministries

A church is a “hospital” for ill or injured people who need care, “physical therapy” and restoration. The hospital includes your prayer ministries and supportive inner healing and counseling ministries.

2. Family Ministries

Every church needs ministries that support the family: children’s ministry, nursery ministry, youth ministry, premarital counseling, small group connectivity and other community-building ministries.

3. Home Groups

Try to at least have 70 percent of Sunday’s attendance be involved in small groups. Obviously, this takes work and time to accomplish, but as you put this ministry in place and watch it grow, you will never regret the rewards you receive as a church.

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