How To Build Pastoral Culture

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How To Build a Pastoral Church:
Part One

As the senior leader, you are the custodian of your church’s vision. You are the one who is responsible, as a steward, to be sure the vision of a loving community is continually expressed and modeled by the leaders around you.

Here are four easy steps to creating a Pastoral Culture

1. Connect With God

Understand God’s heart for your church and for each individual within your church. Pay attention to His voice (what He tells you in your personal times with Him), as well as to the prophetic words you receive.

2. Turn to God’s Word

Make a habit of going to the Word of God. Allow your heart to be continually refreshed through Scripture.

3. Write and publicize your vision

Vision provides a sense of purpose for the pain people go through and the sacrifices they’re making. Use the voices of friends, associates, mentors, etc. to confirm your vision.

 4. Celebrate

Share on-going testimonies of those who are successfully creating community.


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