Max Membership

With our Max Membership you get access to everything in Personal and Pro Membership plus the following:

  • One hour Personal Coaching
    One-on-one by phone or Skype. (worth $200)
  • Additional Video Courses
    Church Planting Course. (worth $199)
  • Regional Impact Assessment and Solution Videos
    50 questions, comprehensive coverage of key outreach impact factors, powerful insights, compare results across staff and members.
    60 videos, one per assessment question with 10 theme overview videos; by Michael Brodeur, 10 min each. (worth $800)
  • Program Assessment
    Rate the quality of over 100 programs, small group features, administrative functions and facilities. (worth $100)
  • 10 Free Destiny Finder Profilers
    Each Profiler from contains five assessments that cover spiritual gifts, passion, calling and more. (worth $499.90)

$99.00 / month
$799.00 / year