Doing Church as a Family MasterClass

Core Principles of a Healthy Church

Church as Family? Really?

– Is your church more like a business?
– How do you exercise authority and still have friendships?
– Can you function as a family and still accomplish your vision?
You can do church as family. In fact family is God’s original plan for extending His Kingdom. Join us to explore how. 

About the Instructor: Michael Brodeur pastored for 25 years and now coaches pastors around the world. Out of that experience comes this MasterClass that will help you lead your church to health, growth and impact on your community. 

COST: $129 $9
INCLUDED FOR FREE for PRO and MAX members!
INSTRUCTOR: Michael Brodeur
WHO should take this class: pastors, elders, ministry leaders
INCLUDES: 4 Coaching call recordings, 12 Video lessons and e-Book (access anytime)
WHAT you will learn from this class:
• The Biblical foundation of family as God’s means of kingdom expansion
• Elements of a healthy family, natural and supernatural
• How to be a spiritual parent and mentor intergenerationally
• How to develop your spiritual children so they become healthy fathers and mothers

WHY: These principles and practices are Biblical (the Trinity, Abraham, David, etc) — and they work in the modern world! Becoming a church that functions as a family is a challenge but will bring about significant results in time.

We guarantee this will be a total ministry-changing experience or your money back.

“Pastor’s Coach is an amazing new organization designed to help pastors and leaders build thriving churches that transform their cities for Christ.” 

C. Peter Wagner
Former Professor of Church Growth, Fuller Seminary


“How I wish that I had a mentor or coach like Michael much earlier in my journey.”
Randy Turpin, President, Valor Christian College, Columbus, Ohio


“I so appreciate Michael Brodeur and his heart to invest in pastors and leaders. One of the best I know. He’s made a huge impact on my own life.”
Banning Liebscher, Director, Jesus Culture

Michael Brodeur
Founder and CEO of Pastor's Coach

Michael Brodeur has pastored and mentored pastors for more than 30 years. He planted a church in San Francisco that became the largest the City had seen in a generation. He has served with Jesus Culture, he teaches church planting at BSSM, and coaches pastors and leaders around the world. Read full bio

Doing Church as Family MasterClass includes:

4 Weekly One-hour Group Coaching Call recordings
12 Video Lessons on Spiritual Mentoring (10 min each)
Examine four aspects of family church:
1. How to establish the family of God.
2. Spiritual Parenting
3. Building Kingdom Culture
4. Intergenerational Continuity
Doing Church as Family e-book (42 pp)

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

“You guys are a true God send to us. Like I wrote to you in my e-mail a while ago, we found you at Pastors Coach
in the middle of a really pivotal building season. You guys are literally helping to shape us from the ground up …”
Adam Mathias, Pastor, Kindle Church, Wales, UK

Become the leader God called you to be,
develop your people, and reach your city!

Join other pastors from California to Taiwan, Uganda, Brazil, Germany,
South Africa, New Zealand, and all points in between.

"I so appreciate Michael Brodeur and his heart to invest in pastors and leaders. One of the best I know. He's made a huge impact on my own life."
Banning Liebscher
Jesus Culture Director
“I just can’t recommend pastors coach highly enough. It’s been an absolute life change for myself personally as a senior leader, but also the things it has helped us to do as a leadership team.”
Matt and Julie Stutzman
Senior Pastors, Church at Baltimore
“Michael has a unique ability to connect and relate to the real stuff of life and ministry. How I wish that I had had a mentor or coach like Michael much earlier in my journey.”
Randy Turpin
President Valor Christian College, Columbus, Ohio

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