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Article by Teresa Chang

Ministries are like vehicles. They work well for a time and then you trade them in for a newer model. You don’t expect a car to last forever, and it costs a lot of money if you try to make it last forever! As church leaders, always be open to new ministries in your church, because they serve a similar function as new churches—church plants have proven to be the most effective tool for extending the Kingdom. Here’s why:

  • They employ maximum momentum with a fresh start and vision, which draws people.
  •   They also provide members with opportunities for service, input and exciting connections with new people who are looking for a church.
  • More people are saved, more church leaders are developed, more ministries are pioneered and more Kingdom impact is made in church plants than in any other expression of the Kingdom.

How to Start a New Ministry in Your Church

The key for apostolic success is the church leader’s openness to start new ministries.

Here’s a basic overview for starting a new ministry: To start a ministry, identify a leader who can take your apostolic vision and practices and turn them into a structure such as a church small group, ministry group, etc. Your vision is what you’re called to do, and your practices are what you actually do on a daily basis. When your vision and practices combine beneath the strength of a leader, that leader can create something that transforms your church and brings Heaven to earth in your region.

Let’s look a little more closely at how to build a ministry:

1. Articulate your vision and submit it for counsel.

Every ministry begins with a blueprint of what it is supposed to become. In other words, you begin with the end in mind. Ask yourself, “What is my goal? What is my purpose in building this ministry?” Clarify your vision with Scripture, and be able to articulate the outcome you intend to achieve.

2. Share the vision and build a team.

A healthy team is absolutely essential for a successful ministry. This requires boldness on your part because you’ll need to share your vision with those you believe God has called to walk with you and invite them into the building process. As you build your team, try to identify each person’s gifts and callings and assign responsibilities appropriately. The profiling tool we offer at could help you better understand and build your team.

3. Launch the ministry and make adjustments as you go.

Set a date for your first event and do the necessary publicity, invitations, social networking, etc. After the event, take time to evaluate with your team. What worked? What didn’t work? How can you improve? Which team members are committed for the long haul? Also, try to get feedback from those who came to the event. These evaluations are incredibly helpful as you move forward.

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