The Question Every Christian Should Ask Themselves

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Around 20 years ago, someone came up with a simple but brilliant question that started trending around the world

The question soon went viral, but sadly, constant repetition led to it becoming a cliché. And cliché ultimately became a caricature of the original question: WWJD? What Would Jesus Do?

Such a simple, beautiful and profound question that inspired Christians and non-Christians alike to think about their lives and choices differently.

Jesus is the most wise, virtuous and beautiful person to have ever walked the earth. It is virtually impossible to think about the true Jesus and not to desire to be more authentic, more loving, and more noble in all that we do. But like many great things, the popularity of this set of letters eventually brought corruption and ridicule. Now it’s pretty hard to say WWJD without a snicker and rolling of the eyes.

So I want to start a new campaign. It’s called WWID. What Would I Do?

Now, before you accuse me of selling out to humanistic self-centeredness, please hear me out.

We live in a world that is split in two. On the one hand we have people enamored with personas, posturing and pretense. On the other hand are those that are driven by obligation, duty and false humility. I do not believe that Jesus is satisfied with either of these two options. WWID is not about how great I appear or how religiously I serve, it is about loving Jesus and partnering with Him to change the world.

I believe Jesus is looking for people who are fully healed, fully saved, fully transformed and fully aligned. I believe he is looking for the people who are so deeply connected to Him that they are absolutely free to be the complete representation of who Jesus has made them to be. I believe God is seeking authentic sons and daughters who are so full of Jesus that they transform every environment that they enter. Their homes become a blessed sanctuary. Their workplaces become a place of holy labor. Even their gyms are filled with an incense of devotion and worship.

All this depends on how I answer the question: WWID?

  • What Would I Do: if I was fully healed from the brokenness of my past?
  • What Would I Do: if I saw myself perfectly like Jesus sees me?
  • What Would I Do: if I loved Him with all of my heart, mind, soul and strength?
  • What Would I Do for Jesus if I had no limitation of time, energy, money, or talent?
  • What Would I Do for Him if I knew I could not possibly fail?

These questions inspire us to dream big and to take risks. These questions compel us to say “NO” to a thousand distractions that either pollute or dilute our devotion. Most of all, these questions cause us to say, “YES” to a life poured out for His purposes. To present ourselves as a living sacrifice is a small gift to give to one so worthy. As the hymn so beautifully states: “Were the whole realm of nature mine, that were an offering far too small, love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all.”

At the risk of being cheesy, let’s boldly proclaim the only question worth asking: WWID for Him?

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