Church Health – Mobilizing all to Destiny

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Article by Topher Smith

I remember as a kid I was dreaming all the time about the future. Day to day was no different, there were no limitations on my dreams! I could be a ninja one minute and a space explorer the next – climbing into my cardboard box rocket. As I lay silently to appear to have gone to the moon to my grandparents, my creative and dream-filled mind would explore space. I knew that I could do it for real one day if I chose to. Something happens in life when we seem to stop dreaming. We forget that we are an amazing artist and that we can do anything that we can imagine. The very first Destiny Finder class simply causes us to revisit the dreams that we have laid down. People start to dream again, and remember things they haven’t thought of since childhood. I love how Michael Brodeur shows that God wants to stir the amazing dreams that we have already had and also give us more dreams because of how BIG His purpose is! This is the life blood for thriving church health!

Life is done best in family. As we each grow into our destiny we must help others move into theirs as well. The holistic dynamic picture of this is family, and tribe, and a village of people working together. We need each other. Sometimes we think that we will go crazy if we don’t find some peace and quiet, yet if we were truly alone, that is the environment that will literally break our minds and push us into insanity. I already knew that I was called to the body of Christ and to equip and send people, but Destiny Finder just adds more terminology to express who I am and settles it that much more into my heart and soul.

The Destiny Finder classes can help to “shift the ecosystem of our lives” in order to function more fully as who we are. It not only gives expression to our makeup or the way that we are wired, but it also helps give validity to the way that we feel and operate. Going through the lessons and reviewing my history, I have already stopped making excuses for my past. It is a part of who I am and I would not be the same person that I am today without it. Moving from that reality, I enjoyed going over again my history with God. Remembering all that God has brought me through reminded me of how powerfully He has worked in my life.

I’m a man that stands with one foot in the supernatural and one foot on earth, however I’m leaning on the supernatural foot. This is something that I have almost had an apologetic flavor for in the past. However, I can fully embrace who I am and be who I’m called to be. The encounters that I have had with Papa God and the things that I’ve witnessed scream into the face of unbelief and cry out for more people to know the presence, power, and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

What I do is who I am, and what I am like is how I do it. I’m hungry for each expression of Jesus in the earth to come under the apostolic anointing so that the full measure of Jesus can be expressed. I really believe that as we mobilize each member, that we will have a force of the Kingdom of God that can bring light to the darkest regions of our world. May your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

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