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This is a special opportunity to learn about our powerful tools, extensive training resources and personal coaching.  Michael travels all over the world coaching pastors and leaders of large and small churches and ministries.

The response has been phenomenal as leaders have gotten clarity and been empowered to lead in a way that makes their churches healthy, and that produces growth in maturity and numbers.

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“Hello my name is Randy Turpin. I serve as president of Valor Christian College in Columbus Ohio.  I just want to say a few words about my friend Michael Brodeur. When I first met Michael at Bethel school of supernatural ministry in Redding California, at that time I had already served in pastoral ministry for over 30 years, and I’d served in higher education for about eight years, training and equipping others for the work of the ministry.

But when I heard Michael speak on leadership and I heard him speak about church planting, I found myself clinging to every word that this man was speaking. Such wisdom – practical wisdom, such spiritual insight and even prophetic foresight.  Michael has a unique ability to connect and relate to the real stuff of life and ministry. How I wish that I had had a mentor or coach like Michael much earlier in my journey. So whether you’re talking about Internet resources, his writing, his speaking, his coaching; it’s well worth your while to engage whatever this man is producing. So I wholeheartedly and gladly endorse the ministry, the message and the services of my friend Michael Brodeur.”

Randy Turpin
President, Valor Christian College, Columbus, Ohio