Thriving Churches

    Pastor’s Coach is a Kingdom organization dedicated to helping pastors and leaders produce thriving churches and organizations.
    We have a website packed with numerous tools and resources including

    • church health and outreach assessments
    • leadership style assessment
    • church programs assessment
    • over 150 video teachings
    • over 50 articles
    • weekly coaching calls
    • an online Leader Network
    • personal coaching, and more.

    Pastoring is a tough job! Some have the fire but learned “on the job” and need much more training. Many work tirelessly but aren’t seeing their churches move into health and growth. Some are veterans but challenged by loneliness and lack of support.

    We have teaching that is biblical AND practical; proven in the trenches of decades of ministry in the local church: How to build culture, how to define your mission, how to multiply your leaders, how to train and disciple, etc.

    Our online assessments are truly unique! There is else nothing like them. Imagine getting an accurate assessment of your church health, with data to compare and analyze, and links to related video and written resources for every topic covered in the assessment? Yes that’s what we have.

    One of our distinctives is connection with real human beings. We have weekly live online coaching calls with pastors and leaders from around the world. We talk to you on the phone. We Skype. We come visit you and work with individuals and/or teams.