Personal Membership

With our Personal Membership you get access to:

* Monthly Group Coaching Call
One hour live video conference call with the PC staff and other leaders from around the world. Hear great teaching, get real time for questions and answers.

* Leadership 101 Course
By Michael Brodeur. For aspiring and emerging leaders. Nine videos including biblical basis, theory and application (how to do it in real life). This is Michael at his best with three decades of pastoral and pastor of pastors experience on how to be a godly and effective leader.

* Family Church Video Series
12 video teachings by Michael Brodeur on developing a church as a family, not a business. Includes the biblical basis, the theory and the practice of how to make a church relational and not corporate

* Free Destiny Finder Profiler

For individuals, 5 assessments
worth $27.99  – One user.

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