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Church Growth Track Overview


Track Overview Slides (PowerPoint)

Track Overview – Detailed Notes (Word)

Welcome to the Q2Q Church Growth Track. The first eight weeks of the Church Growth Track is the Boot Camp. The live version of the Boot Camp includes weekly class sessions. Pro and Max members can do the Boot Camp as a self-paced course with the same content, but no class sessions.

START the program anytime by going to My Account and click on Q2Q Track Boot Camp.


  1. RESET: Shift from pastoral to apostolic, reset your culture with your core team, shift from duty to delight, delegation to development and multiplication. Form teams to launch small groups
  2. REPRODUCE: Once you have what you want at the core, reproduce it in small groups, raise up new teams in each small group with focus on personal ministry development, leadership development, relational outreach and multiplying the groups.
  3. REACH OUT  Once you have the basic multiplication culture and process working with the members reaching out to their friends and each member being developed in their calling, you can scale it up and continue to grow. Then you can add other types of evangelism and supplemental ministries such as singles, divorce care, recovery, inner healing, etc.

You  will begin a process that results in the following:

  • Rediscover the joy of ministry as you learn to empower others.
  • Have less stress as you lead people into maturity so they are motivated internally.
  • Experience fulfillment as people are developed to serve according to their calling.
  • Understand your church needs and how to develop ministries to meet those needs
  • See multiplication as your people reach out and impacting your city.

By the end of the 8 weeks you’ll have the core concepts, principles and practices. Then you’re ready to do the rest of the Church Growth Track if you choose to.

Boot Camp Contents

  • An easy-to-use Roadmap page detailing the weekly assignments for you and your team to do as well as links to the videos and documents you’ll need.
  • Live  version: Weekly group class sessions. You’ll join a group of pastors going through the Track at the same time. Hear teaching and discuss the material.
  • A 50 point Church Health Assessment to identify your church’s top challenges.
  • Access to 60 assessment solution videos: One for each assessment point and an additional 10 theme overview videos.
  • The Senior Leader Series: Five videos for the senior leader, including an overview of the Building a Thriving Church series.
  • The complete “Building a Thriving Church” series: 30 videos with 130 page study guide with action steps.
  • The Destiny Incubators: Small Groups series: 18 videos and extensive notes.
  • The Launching a Thriving Ministry series: Five videos and study guide and worksheets to create a plan, recruit teams, and launch ministries to address the top challenges.
  • Access to all the other features and benefits of the Pastor’s Coach membership including another 50+ video lessons and more. (Pro or Max membership)
  • Help from a Pastor’s Coach team member when you need it.

Track Contents

The Track builds on the Boot Camp and goes an additional 22 months.

It contains the following:

  • A weekly class
  • Over 15 MasterClasses
  • Activity Schedule
  • Regional Impact and Program Assessments
  • more

How It Works

Pro or Max members can do the Boot Camp self-paced version anytime. You must upgrade to the Church Growth Track to do the live weekly classes. Anytime you want, you can choose to start the program by going to the  Church Transformation Roadmap and Resources page to access the included videos and other resources.

Weekly: If you’re doing the Live Track, you’ll join the group class session to hear teaching, go over the material and ask questions.

Week 1: You’ll watch the senior leader videos; and you and selected staff and church members will take the Church Health Assessment.

Weeks 2-6: You will watch videos on the core principles of church health and growth. You will also study the leader notes, do worksheets, and follow the application steps.

Week 7: You’ll use the assessment results to identify 1-3 needs to address, and study small groups.

Week 8: You will learn about launching ministries. And you’ll be ready to continue into the Church Growth Track.

Week 9: Start the Church Growth Track.

This program will get you and your church started on a proven path toward greater health, generate new momentum, and engage and mobilize people to serve productively…and this will in turn begin producing growth in numbers and quality. And you’ll be ready for the rest of the Church Growth Track.

Pro and Max members can do the self-paced program.

The live classes are only available to participants in the Church Growth Track.