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Pastor’s Coach is partnering with BSSM Alumni to offer our Church Growth Track program at a huge discount.

Pastor’s Coach is led by Founder and CEO, Dr. Michael Brodeur; he heads up Church Planting and Church Leadership at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, and coaches pastors and leaders in churches and movements around the world. Jeff Wittmer is one of our head coaches, and he’s also familiar to many BSSM alumni; he teaches at BSSM and runs the Destiny Lab program at Bethel Church.

We know the challenges facing pastors and church leaders… and we have some awesome programs, assessments, and training,  with expert coaching to help you.



About the Q2Q Church Growth Track

“20 years in ministry. Seven as a Senior Pastor. In that time I’ve completed a Bachelor of Ministry degree and am currently in the final stages of a Masters Degree in Ministry Leadership. I’ve read hundreds of books, listened to thousands of messages, and interviewed some of the most significant leaders in Christian Ministry that my denomination has access to…

But I have NEVER come across anything like Pastors Coach. I’m only one month into their 2 year Q2Q Church Growth Track, but I am fast becoming convinced that this is THE BEST MATERIAL and MOST EXTRAORDINARY COACHING that I have EVER come across. Do yourself a favour – connect with Pastors Coach – it’ll be one of the best and most defining decisions of your ministry.”

— Luke Harris,
Senior Pastor, Empower Church
The Shire, Cronulla, Australia.

Double your church in 24 months?

We think it's possible with Q2Q: Quality to Quantity.
Focus on creating a healthy church...and it will grow

We know what pastors go through. We’ve been there. And we know how to help you lead your church to be healthy and dynamic. Our approach is based on the Biblical model of Jesus and the Apostles, combined with the best insights from studies of over 40,000 churches, and the experience of church planting, pastoring, and coaching hundreds of pastors.

The Live boot camp runs 3 months, in which time you’ll learn key principles and practices for healthy church growth, and launch a pilot small group with your leadership team. This is essential to develop a Biblical “DNA” that is healthy and powerful.

Then over the next 21 months you’ll follow a detailed Action Plan to multiply the pilot small group into many groups that reproduce; develop your leaders AND members to be effective disciple makers; mobilize every member to serve according to their gifts, passion and calling; and develop ministries. The result will be growth in quality AND quantity.

Why are we stuck?

We know Jesus wants our churches to grow by reaching the lost. He’s given us the Bible and the Holy Spirit. Pastors are working hard. But many churches, even some with powerful ministry, are just not growing…

  • Evangelistic attempts are not bringing in new people
  • People who visit don’t return
  • There’s not enough leaders and workers
  • Your members are not bringing in friends
  • You (the pastor) have to do most everything (or it feels like it!)
  • Members aren’t willing or trained to serve or reach out
  • The presence and power of God are not very evident
  • There’s a lack of finances

These are all symptoms of a lack of church health and the need for a different approach to leadership and discipleship.

Question: So what's the Solution?
Answer: Quality to Quantity

The key is creating quality that leads to quantity so you have both. A balanced growth that is primarily from reaching the lost, not just transferring people from one church to another. And develop a dynamic community of believers who love Jesus and are fully mobilized to serve according to their gifts and calling.

This is growth based on real church HEALTH, not slick marketing programs or corporate techniques.

How can we be so confident that your church will grow? Because we have proven tools and resources that are Biblical, Holy Spirit-led, and have the best of church growth principles and practices from landmark studies of over 40,000 churches.

AND we provide live coaching! You can actually talk to a real person. Our coaches are experienced current or former pastors who have been in the trenches of real ministry.

We show you what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and even help you do it.

Our members are experiencing Real change.

“My name’s Matt Stutzman and I’m the senior leader at Church at Baltimore. I just can’t recommend Pastor’s Coach highly enough. It’s been absolutely life-changing for myself, personally, as a senior leader but also the things that it’s helped us to do as a leadership team. I would say that one of the most primary, biggest things that it’s done for us is help us attach our future, or ultimate vision, to our current actions. And, actually be able to work that backwards to where our present activities are equaling our future vision. 

And so, Michael and Pastor’s Coach have just absolutely changed the dynamic of our leadership team. And, helped us get practical steps towards our destiny and towards our purpose. And also, it’s totally changed the dynamic of our church where we have so many more people coming into leadership and walking out their destiny and their calling. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Amazing. Join. You’ll be so glad that you did. God bless.”

— Matt Stutzman, Senior Leader, Church at Baltimore

Our Approach:

Reset your core
Reproduce it in groups
Reach out and multiply

Program Overview

The Track begins with a 12 week Boot Camp.

Begin the shift from being primarily pastoral (focused on caring and keeping) to apostolic (emphasizing training and sending). You can’t change the church until you change how you lead. 

Learn the key principles and practices that position your church for health and leadership development, including doing church as family, destiny, people development, culture shift, and small groups that multiply. Then you’ll launch a pilot Destiny small group with your leadership team, taking them through the key elements and training them to be reproducers.

The Live Boot Camp has 12 weeks of live online classes, 11 courses with 59 videos, weekly assignments, and a detailed 24 month Action Plan. It also includes a Max Membership which gives you access to all of our courses, assessments and archives. 

The Self-Paced Track contains 12 sections with 11 courses with 59 videos you can stream or download, comprehensive study guide, and the detailed 24 month Action Plan. 


After completing the boot camp or the Self-Paced Track, you have two choices for use of the website:

— You can continue or add the Max Membership billed monthly or yearly, and access all courses, assessments and tools on the website… AND get ongoing support with weekly live group coaching calls.
— You can add a Pro Membership billed monthly or yearly, and access a limited set of courses and one MasterClass coaching call per month (but not the ongoing live support).

Or you can continue on your own with the Track materials you’ve received, following the 24 month Action Plan, without accessing the website. 

After finishing the 12 week Pilot Destiny Small Group with your leadership team, you will launch several small groups for your members, using a reproducible model that multiplies leaders and groups. These groups will run for 6-9 months and multiply into more groups after that.

24 Month Plan

Months 1-3 Live Boot Camp (or Self-Paced)

Learn the core principles and practices to develop and multiply leaders, small groups and ministries, and effectively reach the lost. Launch a 12 week Pilot Destiny Small Group with your leadership team to create a group model that can reproduced. Train your leaders to personally develop people and make disciples who reproduce.

Months 4-5

Finish the 12 week Pilot Destiny Small Group. Prepare the leaders from the Pilot group to lead groups on their own. Promote the launch of the Public Destiny Small Groups.

Months 6-16

Launch 2-5 Public Destiny Small Groups led by your leaders that went through the Pilot group. The leaders of each small group will raise up assistant leaders who will become the leaders when the groups multiply. Continue developing and supporting leaders. Continue study of MasterClasses on small groups, evangelism, enfolding, mobilizing every member, marriage, apostolic, prophetic and evangelism, etc. Begin church outreaches and special events. Complete Outreach and Program Assessments. 

Months 17-24

Launch 4-10 Public Destiny Small Groups led by the new leaders developed in the previous groups. Repeat the process from the first groups: leaders develop assistant leaders in preparation for multiplying. Continue developing and supporting leaders. Continue study of MasterClasses on pastoral care, church as family, inner healing, deliverance, seeker services, and teaching ministries. Put on more special events and outreaches. 

At this point your leaders and ministries are multiplying in a healthy way – over and over! As you lead more intentionally and effectively, and in a way that multiplies your efforts, your leaders and members will be more and more empowered to step into the calling on their lives, and the church will reach unsaved people and they will become disciples who reproduce.

Meet the Coaches

Michael Brodeur, Founder and CEO of Pastor’s Coach and Destiny Finder. Michael developed and used the principles and practices of Pastor’s Coach in one of the hardest places in the world to minister, San Francisco, where he and his wife Diane planted a church that developed many ministries and raised up hundreds of leaders. He spent 30 years ministering in San Francisco, and eventually had responsibility for over 25 churches as a Church Regional Overseer.

He now teaches leadership and church planting at ministry schools, and consults with pastors around the world, helping to bring Biblically-based, proven tools and teaching that will transform your ministry and help you train and release your people for service and outreach. Read full bio

Jeff Wittmer, Head Coach at Pastor’s Coach and Destiny Finder. Jeff’s coaching training includes courses in people development with over five years of class room participation, coach training in accredited courses endorsed by the International Coaching Federation and over 20 years of pastoral counseling & personal coaching. He is certified by Coach Training Alliance and the International Coach Federation. Read full bio

Glen Reed, COO and Coach at Pastor’s Coach and Co-Founder and COO at Destiny Finder. Glen is the COO of Pastor’s Coach and COO and co-founder of Destiny Finder. Glen has been in ministry with Michael Brodeur since coming to his church in San Francisco in 1989. He completed an M. Div. at Western Seminary in 1995 and was an Associate Pastor at Michael’s church from then until he moved to Folsom in 2004. Read full bio

The Q2Q Track is Unique!

No other program or organization that we know of provides this level of training and live support at such a low cost.
If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed.

Call 916-467-9934 and ask your questions to one of our coaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

It not only has the essential teaching and training you need delivered live and through video, it includes a complete step-by-step plan with a detailed Action Plan that covers the entire 24 months.

It’s got everything you need:

* When to launch your small groups
* When to multiply them
* When to recruit leaders
* When to meet individually with leaders
* When to do regular support and celebration meetings with leaders
and much more

The Boot Camp includes 9 courses with training videos, the Destiny Finder Profiler online tool, the Destiny Small Group program, 200 page Study Guide Notes, and detailed 24 month Action Plan .

* How to train your people for relational evangelism – the most effective way to reach new people.
* How to do small groups that will grow and multiply and mobilize each member for ministry.
* How to turn visitors into members.
* How to handle pastoral care so the senior pastor doesn’t have to care for everyone personally.
* How to recruit and develop leaders – the number one factor for supporting church growth.
* How to do church as family that is authentic, relational and developmental.
* How to help people discover their calling; once they do, they will be asking you to let them serve.
* How to create a dynamic church culture that is healthy and holy – a church you would go to (even if you didn’t have to)!

The Live Boot Camp includes a weekly live online class in which you can ask questions and connect with fellow pastors.

When you register for the Track you become a Pastor’s Coach Max Member, with access to all the material you’ll need for the Track and access to all website content. 

With the Self-Paced Boot Camp, you’ll go through the 12 program sections at your own pace, downloading and watching course videos, studying course notes, completing worksheets and using the Destiny Finder online tool for destiny discovery and development. 

With the Live Boot Camp, you’ll attend a live weekly online class through video conferencing, and have the opportunity for real interaction; ask questions and connect with fellow pastors from around the world.

After completing either the Self-Paced or Live Boot Camp, you have three options:
1. You can continue to follow the detailed 24 month Action Plan using the material from the Boot Camp, but with no access to the website. 
2. You can choose to continue as a Max Member and get access to the entire website content, as well as the ongoing live support (weekly group coaching calls) and be billed monthly or yearly. 
3. You can choose to become a Pro Member and get limited access to courses and the live monthly MasterClasses, but not the ongoing live support, and be billed monthly or yearly.

30 Day Guarantee: Try the Church Growth Track for 30 days and if for any reason you decide it isn’t for your church, we will refund 100% of what you’ve paid.

All of our calls are recorded and archived. You will be able to watch them any time. 

Yes! We provide one-on-one coaching for leaders and ministries that need an individual approach to some deeper issues that they or their churches are facing. 

Coaching can be done by Skype, phone email or in-person. We also do customized coaching, training, conflict resolution, transition consultation and staffing consultation for pastors, leadership teams, ministries and entire organizations. 

Yes! You can join the track in the first couple of weeks. We will work with you to help you catch up with the classes and teachings and adjust to the schedule as needed. 

Our team is here to help you! 
Give us a call – Glen Reed – 916-467-9934. Or email [email protected]

Registration for the Track

Exclusive BSSM Alumni Discount

$300 for entire 3-month Boot Camp

includes weekly live online coaching calls, courses, videos and detailed roadmap with all the material. 

What our members are saying...

“Please know this, as I mean it. You guys are a true Godsend to us. Like I wrote to you in my e-mail a while ago, we found you at Pastors Coach in the middle of a really pivotal building season. You guys are literally helping to shape us from the ground up…”

Adam Mathias, Pastor, Kindle Church, Pontypridd, Wales, UK

Greg Brown, Senior Pastor, Skyway Church, Goodyear, Arizona USA

“I just wanted to share with you real world results of the past 4 months of coaching for myself and our church.

GRACE FAMILY CHURCH – Monthly increase in 2017 from the same month in 2016

Jan: Financial increase 61%.  Attendance increase 54%
Feb: Financial increase 107%.  Attendance increase 64%
March: Financial increase 31%.  Attendance increase 40%
April: Financial increase 75%.  Attendance increase 46%

Our out-of-the-park home run goal is a 20% increase from the previous year. We are killing our goals and I believe due in large part to We are not perfect in implementation of all the strategies suggested but the core, foundational suggestions have already started to help engineer a dynamic culture. The MasterClass on culture was probably the biggest turnaround for us. Simple focus on our core leadership team has helped set a new dynamic.

Again I can’t say it enough, THANK YOU!!!”

Nathan Hurst, Pastor, Grace Family Church, Davenport, Iowa

BSSSM Discounted Q2Q Church Growth Track

Questions? 916-467-9934

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