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Church Transformation Boot Camp​

8-week intensive training program

Shift your vision, build your team and multiply your ministry.

Church growth is not just about numbers.  Healthy leaders will build up healthy members and ministries that grow. 

The Challenge

As a Pastor you are faced with challenges from so many sides. It is hard to stay on top of all the demands that come with building a ministry.

Pastors are preaching the Gospel, doing all they can. Many of our churches, even ones that have a significant experience of the presence  and power of God, are just not growing.

You should not compromise your walk with Jesus or have to deal with your questions and struggles by yourself.

After 30 years of pastoring, 10 years of coaching hundreds of pastors around the world, we understand the challenges and problems you are facing. 

We’ve been there, done that, and survived… and we’ve learned the keys to change. 

The Solution

The Church Transformation Boot Camp is an 8-week intensive training program containing 8 courses, 55 teaching videos, church health assessment with 60 solution videos, 160 page study guide including how to do small groups, and ministry launch plan. 

The Church Health Assessment is a 360 degree assessment of your ministry. Identify the top challenges facing your church and watch detailed videos with ideas and solutions to implement.

Accountability is vital for a thriving ministry. We want help you continue strong and stay on track and have a safe place to ask your questions and share your struggles. Every week we will have a live group coaching calls with other pastors and leaders. 

The Coach

Michael Brodeur, Founder and CEO of Pastor’s Coach, developed and used this process in one of the hardest places in the world to minister, San Francisco, where he and his wife Diane planted a church that developed many ministries and raised up hundreds of leaders.  

He now consults with pastors and leaders around the world, helping to bring Biblically-based, proven tools and teaching that will transform your ministry and help you train and release your people for service and outreach.

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March 15, 2018

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Register for the boot camp

Once you finish registering you will receive an email with detailed information about the upcoming coaching calls and credentials to access your account. 

First Coaching Call
Thursday, March 15 @ 12PM EST

Frequently Asked Questions

The Church Transformation Boot Camp includes the following:

* Roadmap: Easy-to-use list of all weekly assignments for you and your team as well as links to the videos and documents you’ll need.

* Weekly Class Sessions: Video conference with the Pastor’s Coach Facilitator and other pastors in the same group. Go over previous material, hear new teaching and interact live.

* Church Health Assessment: A 50 point assessment to identify the top challenges facing your church, taken by the senior leader, staff and selected church members.

* Assessment solution videos: 60 videos, one for each assessment point and an additional overview video for each of the 10 themes.

* Senior Leader Support Series: Five videos for the senior leader, including an overview of the Building a Thriving Church series.

* Building a Thriving Church courses : 30 videos with 130+ pages of leader notes and worksheets.

* Launching a Thriving Ministry series: Five videos, study guide and templates to create a plan, recruit and train leaders and launch ministries to address the needs identified in the Church Health Assessment.

* Launching Destiny Incubators Small Groups: 18 videos, study guide

* Membership: Access to all benefits of the Pastor’s Coach membership including another 50+ video lessons and the Destiny Finder online assessments. (Pro or Max members)

* Support: By Skype, phone or email from a Pastor’s Coach team member.

When you register for the Track you become a Pastor’s Coach Member 
with access to all the material you’ll need for the Track, and more.

Week 1

Introduction to the Track. Learn the key principles for senior leader, and begin the Thriving Church study guide. Invite selected staff and church members to take the Church Health Assessment.

Weeks 2-6

Learn the core principles and practices of church health, leadership development and launching ministries. Continue in the study guide. Review the Church Health Assessment results and plan new ministries.

Weeks 7-8

Learn how to develop leaders that multiply, and launch Destiny Incubator small groups, the key to mobilizing every member.

We don’t promise triple growth overnight. We DO promise the following:

Rediscover the joy of ministry as you empower others.
​Have more volunteers as people are using their gifts.
​Reduce burnout as people are motivated internally.
​Multiply your ministry as people are developed.
​Do more as numbers grow and giving increases.​

All of our calls are recorded and archived. You will be able to watch them at a later time.

We want to see you thrive. Pastor’s Coach has put in place a few ways that you can stay connected with us as you continue your journey in ministry.

You can continue with our 2-year in-depth program named Q2Q (Quality to Quantity) Church Growth Track. This is a comprehensive and in-depth church development program. With it, you’ll dive into every aspect of your ministry and how they relate to biblical principles that will launch you into a healthy growth pattern. Click here to learn more about our Church Growth 2-year track.

or you can get connected as a Pastor’s Coach member. You’ll get access to our on-going weekly coaching calls, our masterclasses, previous coaching calls, and many other exclusive resources that are crafted for church leaders. We currently provide two membership options. Click here to see our memberships .

Yes! You can join the track at any time. We recommend joining in the first 3-4 weeks as it’ll give you a chance to easily catch up to previous classes and teachings. 

We also do offer a self-paced version of this track – without the live coaching calls. This way you can watch our recordings and follow along at your own pace. 

Our team is here to help you! 
Give us a call – Glen Reed – 916-467-9934

What our members are saying...

“Please know this, as I mean it. You guys are a true Godsend to us. Like I wrote to you in my e-mail a while ago, we found you at Pastors Coach in the middle of a really pivotal building season. You guys are literally helping to shape us from the ground up…”

Adam Mathias, Pastor, Kindle Church, Pontypridd, Wales, UK

“I just wanted to share with you real world results of the past 4 months of coaching for myself and our church.

GRACE FAMILY CHURCH – Monthly increase in 2017 from the same month in 2016

Jan: Financial increase 61%.  Attendance increase 54%
Feb: Financial increase 107%.  Attendance increase 64%
March: Financial increase 31%.  Attendance increase 40%
April: Financial increase 75%.  Attendance increase 46%

Our out-of-the-park home run goal is a 20% increase from the previous year. We are killing our goals and I believe due in large part to We are not perfect in implementation of all the strategies suggested but the core, foundational suggestions have already started to help engineer a dynamic culture. The MasterClass on culture was probably the biggest turnaround for us. Simple focus on our core leadership team has helped set a new dynamic.

Again I can’t say it enough, THANK YOU!!!”

Nathan Hurst, Pastor, Grace Family Church, Davenport, Iowa