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    How to Lead Leaders

    COACHING CHURCH LEADERS TO LEAD LEADERS The average church size in America is around 60 people. Have you ever stopped to wonder why? A pastor canRead more

    What Elements Produce a Thriving Small Group?

    THRIVING CHURCH SMALL GROUPS There are certain biblical elements that are necessary to produce the kind of small group that is thriving and life-giving. HereRead more

    The Mother Heart of God

    SPIRITUAL PARENTING AND MOTHERING One of the things that people seem to remember most about my wife, Diane, is the fact that she has raisedRead more

    The Structure of Multiplication-Incubation Small Groups

    CHURCH SMALL GROUPS THAT MULTIPLY AND INCUBATE According to the Great Commission, the primary responsibility of the Church is to make whole-hearted followers of Jesus (disciples)Read more

    Destiny Incubation: True Spiritual Family in Small Groups

    CHURCH HEALTH IN SMALL GROUPS When I was a young boy my aunt and uncle treated me to dinner one night. As the night went onRead more

    How to Turn Members into Ministers

    CHURCH LEADERS WHO TURN MEMBERS INTO MINISTERS Sometimes there can be a big difference between the needs of a pastor and the needs of hisRead more

    The Priesthood of the Believer – Is it Time?

    CHURCH LEADERS WHO RAISE UP CHURCH LEADERS Luther’s Legacy One of the truths of the Reformation began by Luther 500 years ago was that ofRead more

    How to Jump Start Internal Culture Change in your Church

    JUMP START CULTURE CHANGE WITH YOUR CHURCH LEADERS This insight is the “11th key” which I wrote following publication of my e-book, 10 Keys toRead more

    How to Cultivate Kingdom Culture in Your Ministry

    HOW CHURCH LEADERS CAN CULTIVATE KINGDOM CULTURE True and lasting change, in any organization, is never a result of changing external realities such as personnelRead more